Peter Hernadez

Local Business Owner+ Hollister School District Governing Board Member


For San Benito County Supervisor District 3

Candidate Statement


       We need new energy and vision in San Benito County. Doing more of the same, or looking back and recycling the same thinking, is not going to help move our community forward. We have seen the impact of bad past decisions and we are living with the consequences of poorly planned development and traffic congestion.  We need to lay a new, healthier foundation for our children.     

I have been blessed to be born and raised in Hollister. I am a husband and a father of three. I am a local small businessman, and I’m involved in our community.  I was elected to the Hollister School District Board of Trustees and I am passionate about providing our youth with quality education and opportunities.

As your County Supervisor, I will work together with residents to plan for smart growth. We need roads, infrastructure, schools and public services that are properly planned with community input.  And, we need to attract jobs to our community.

I will insist on making public safety a priority in San Benito County, and I will prioritize a return on investment of every taxpayer dollar – we must never waste taxpayer dollars.

Meet & Greet

August 25,  5:00 pm

Women's Reception - Paine's Restaurant & Bar

August 28, 5:30 pm

Chamber Meet and Greet - The Epicenter

Supervisors Forum


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Make a Difference

Support Peter Hernandez on his journey to help Hollister build a foundation that will make a difference in our community. 



On The Issues:

  • Growth - slower smarter growth.
  • Roads - rebuild, restore, and widen.
  • Quality of life - providing facilities for our children, our seniors, and our families. 
  • Business/tourism - focus on attracting higher paying jobs, and tourism.